The Space-Ring System



Powertherm Contract Services are proud to release the design of the Space Ring System, a revolutionary new product tackling the ever-growing problem of corrosion under insulation. The patented design reduces damage to the outer surface of insulation whilst providing airflow and drainage from within to keep the pipe dry and safe from the threat of CUI.

Current methods of strengthening the insulation exterior to prevent CUI can be effective against damage. However, when enough force is applied they do still buckle and the system begins to work against itself, trapping water inside and encouraging corrosion. The Space Ring System tackles each of these problems in turn.

Firstly, the system uses support rings to transfer the weight load onto the pipe itself, which is considerably stronger than cladding. This reduces the effect of impact to the pipe, rendering it much stronger and preventing seams from buckling.

In addition, an air space is introduced, through which low-level drainage points and free-flowing air help to keep the pipe and surrounding insulation dry.

The system requires very little additional training and time to install compared to other insulation methods, and the increased costs are negligible in comparison to the lengthy and expensive processes of inspecting, repairing and replacing corroded pipes.