Industrial & Specialist Coatings

Powertherm offer a comprehensive range of services within the industrial and specialist coatings industry. From high glass decoration to corrosion engineering, if it comes out of a tin, then Powertherm have the experience, expertise and skill to apply it.

The storage of oil and gas requires meticulous planning and rigorously maintained structures. Through our vast experience with specified heavy industrial elements, we have found that Specialist Coatings can greatly improve lifecycles, extending future requirements for maintenance, and as a result reduce costs for our clients.

We pride ourselves on safety and quality of service at Powertherm, consequently we have two in house NACE certified paint inspectors, our operatives are qualified under the Industrial Coatings Applicator Scheme (ICATS) and approved by Correx Ltd and the Institute of Corrosion.

We have transposed this expertise into industrial and light industrial projects to offer great long term solutions to our clients – reducing costs and the need for interruption through maintenance.

All projects are subject to our dynamic safety policy along with British Standard Quality Assured Controls.

Powertherm offer Industrial and Specialist Coatings in the following disciplines:

  • High Class Decoration
  • Commercial Decoration
    • Wall Coverings
    • Hygienic Coatings
  • Nuclear Coatings
  • Sign Writing
  • Road Markings
  • Concrete Protection
    • Acid Resistant Bund Linings
  • Industrial Coatings
    • Epoxy & Polyurethane Linings
    • Thermally Sprayed Aluminium/Zinc
    • Tank & Pipework Linings
    • Cladding Coatings
  • Marine Applications
  • Corrosion Engineering
    • Fire Protection
    • Mascoat
    • Steelwork Preparation & Coatings:

Powertherm possess the expertise, resources and equipment to meet all your Steelwork preparation requirements.

We can provide numerous types of surface preparation to any type of structure, including:

  • Grit, Wet, Sand, Sponge, Bead Blasting
  • Water Jetting (Inc. Ultra-High Pressure)
  • Mechanical & Hand Preparation
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Chemical Solvent Cleaning
  • Heat Induction Removal
  • JOS (swirl vortex system cleaning torc system)
  • DOFF (high pressure steam cleaning)

Wide Ranging Experience

Bridges and other waterway structures, tank farms, petrochemical plants, railway system infrastructure, combined heat and power, hospitals, education, residential, power plants including nuclear, food processing, warehouses, and vessels.

Comprehensive Technical Support

Coatings, surveys and analysis, coatings specification development, assessment of hazardous or toxic substances.


Our operatives are qualified under Industrial Coatings Applicator Scheme (ICATS), approved by Correx Ltd and Institute of Corrosion. We also have two in house NACE certified painting inspectors.

Full Support Services

Powertherm also offer additional services including encapsulation and environmental protection, blast cleaning,  traffic management systems, coating inspections, rope access solutions and a in-house coatings facility.

Industrial Cleaning

From our long spanning experience within industrial and commercial environments, we have found that the inclusion of Industrial Cleaning services within our clients projects gives them peace of mind that not only is the project being completed to the highest of standards but also with a focus on safety and cleanliness. As well as having the competencies to incorporate cleaning services as part of a project specification but as a stand alone service for clients. We have completed projects in a variety of industries within factories, warehouses and power plants to hazardous and non-hazardous areas to name a few.

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