Flexible Insulation Products

Flexible insulation covers are easy to fit and remove, eliminating the requirement for an insulation engineer during regular maintenance operations. Due to this, they are becoming increasingly popular for the insulation of valves, flanges and other items of equipment.

Flexible insulation covers are cost effective to purchase and they are individually tailored to ensure a perfect fit. They offer better protection against mechanical damage and reduced thermal conductivity when compared to metal cladding, and are suitable for use in any industry or environment.

Powertherm are currently manufacturing a range of flexible insulation covers, including:

  • Valve and flange covers for indoor or outdoor use
  • Acoustic insulation covers
  • High temperature covers
  • Expansion joints
  • Individually tailored covers to suit pumps, flow meters and fan casings
  • Heated insulation covers
  • Food quality covers
  • Chemically resistant covers

If you have a particular project where you feel these products may prove advantageous, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.