Case study - Rugeley Power Station

Powertherm were awarded the contract to provide the insulation works, scaffolding and temporary access structure based upon their technical ability and successful completion of the Allington Energy from Waste Project. The project ran between 2008 – 2010. 

Powertherm used the cuplock system for the scaffold part of the contract. This system assisted in reducing the time required for the contract, due to the ease in which it can be installed and offered the client peace of mind from a safety perspective.


  • Based in Staffordshire
  • Generating sets were commissioned between 1961 and 1962
  • Committed to the generation of low cost electricity in a safe and environmentally responsible manner
  • Part of a joint venture between International Power Ltd and Mitsui & Co Ltd.
  • International Power Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of GDF SUEZ


  • Reduce the sulphur emission from coal fired burners


  • Install a Flue Gas Desulphurisation Unit
  • Erection of scaffold and temporary structures to perform the work