Case study - NHS Sheffield Teaching Hospitals / Northern General Hospital

Due to the age of the Huntsman building it’s entire roof needed replacing. Powertherm provided a scaffolding structure that allowed the roofing contractors access to the whole roof area. It was imperative that any work carried out did not cause disruption to patient care.

In addition, no moisture could enter the fabric of the building, as this would significantly impact the functioning of the ward and would not only put expensive equipment at risk, but the health of patients.

With this objective in mind, and with the need to preserve the integrity of the roof, a temporary waterproof membrane was incorporated within the external scaffold structure.

Prior to installation, Powertherm researched a number of roofing systems. The Hakitec 750 system was chosen due to its strength, durability and the speed at which it can be erected. The design of the Hakitec takes into consideration wind and snow loading – both factors needing to be considered due to the work being undertaken in the winter period.

Working with the roofing contractor, Powertherm incorporated a Geda personnel and material hoist within the scaffold structure. This significantly increased productivity by accelerating the movement of materials.

The Huntsman roof was replaced within budget, on time and without any disruption to patient care.


  • Northern General is the largest hospital within the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation
  • Hunstman building includes orthopaedics, A&E and X-Ray, theatres, one of 4 outpatient departments, a dining room and the site’s main medical record department
  • Main building completed in 1978


  • Roof to the Hunstman Ward in a poor state of repair, and leaking in several locations
  • Repair to roof without disruption to Patients or functionality of the ward


  • Erect and dismantle temporary roof
  • Provide scaffold structure to provide access to the whole roof area


  • Work completed on time and within budget
  • No disruption to patient care
  • New roof completed to high standard